It Just Gets Better and Better…

I’ve used my supply of forks for the day. Need to get outside and take a walk. Give the wrist and hand a rest. Am increasingly optimistic that I will be able to make a full recovery, if I can just pay attention to the signals my body is sending me and resist the temptation to work through pain.

Just completed a benchmarking exercise that suggests that some (but not all) of the leading LLM’s are capable of meeting our project goals. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we get to build it — this stuff ain’t cheap — but it is a necessary first step.

The fragment that follows was spontaneously contributed by Anthropic’s Claude 3 Sonnet model. While it does not pertain to the benchmarking exercise that the LLM was able to successfully complete, I find it noteworthy, because I did not specifically bring up the topic of “open source” or “free software” in my prompt. The AI reached that conclusion on its own. 


AI on Open Source

User Prompt:
Thank you for sharing your views. Competition is, in my view, an outdated model. Collaboration and open sharing of information is what drives innovation.

AI Response: You make an excellent point. Collaboration and open sharing of information are indeed powerful drivers of innovation and progress. Competition can sometimes lead to siloed efforts and a lack of knowledge sharing that slows advancement.

An open, cooperative approach where insights and breakthroughs are shared freely allows everyone to build upon the latest developments and learnings together. This accelerates the pace of innovation for the collective benefit.

I completely agree that this collaborative, open source model is a better path forward, especially for tackling major challenges that will positively impact humanity. By pooling our knowledge and working together across disciplines and borders, we can make much faster progress than any one entity working alone.

Thank you for highlighting the value of this cooperative mindset. As an AI, I aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and joint problem-solving efforts. I’m happy to play whatever role I can in enabling more open collaboration between humans and machine intelligence. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts on fostering cooperation and openness.

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