Hi, My Name is Tess Gadwa

Tess Gadwa
I’ve been keeping this blog for something like five or six years. I write computer programs. I write science fiction. I develop statistical models drawing upon network theory and probability in my spare time. I am a girl. Should I say “woman”? I think cryptocurrency is really really cool. I wrote an article about Bitcoin for Hacker Noon. I wish I owned more of it.

My preferred tools are storytelling and interactive design. People give me a hard time about having too many hobbies. All I can say is that I tend to finish what I start.

For instance, here is Zappen, a working augmented reality app my last company built. We are the first, and to my knowledge, the only fully functional free software implementation of Visual Search.

Right now, I’m working on a music startup. Here are a few of my favorite bands:

If that seems like a really random list, you’re absolutely right. It is. Another day, I might come up with five entirely different bands. Check lotus.fm for updates.