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You know how they always say bad news travels faster than good news? The same is true of vile rumors. If you have never had a person insidiously and determinedly try to destroy your reputation, spreading the most disgusting and unspeakable lies imaginable, then count yourself lucky.

Somebody tried to do this to me. I am in the process of having him disbarred as an attorney in the State of California. This effort may succeed. It may also fail. All I know is that the matter is under review. So yes, he absolutely has a motive to do me harm and take me down. Short of murder-suicide (he murders me, then commits suicide using the same gun) I don’t see any outcome that would make me reconsider my decision. The rumors are so vulgar and horrible as to be ridiculous. Nobody who knows me at all could take them seriously.

People like this man should not be practicing law in any state of this country.

I am sorry to have to waste four paragraphs discussing this matter. Fun and quirky post coming up again soon, I hope.

Not a Happy Song

Um, this isn’t a happy song, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s on the ROSECODE playlist, incidentally, if I can ever remember which YouTube account I stashed that link under. I remember hearing about Tupac’s death in 1996, but I don’t think back then I had ever listened to a single song or album of his.

“Ballad of a Dead Soldier,” by Tupac Shakur

Just want to say that today and every day, I am glad to be alive.


These can be benign, like re-creating a classic Star Trek episode.Star Trek Deepfake

They can also be used to assassinate someone’s character and reputation. They make it incredibly simple to create pornographic images and video about someone, based only on photos of their face.

I’m paranoid enough to wonder about whether when Apple added a side view for face unlock on their phones, some unscrupulous employee might have a way to sell those profiles to the highest bidder. Few people are as paranoid as me, but they haven’t had the same experiences I’ve had.

Here is a story about to how to detect them in real life: