About Thematizer

The original design specification for the Thematizer was created in August 2011, as a project of Yes Exactly Web Design. A rough Thematizer alpha version was completed in March 2013.

Pending successful funding of our Kickstarter campaign, we planned to have a full-featured open-source product available for general release by Fall 2014.

Consider us “the open source Figma that never was.” While the project produced results and we are proud of the progress that we made, the needs and requirements of website and mobile application development changed significantly during the time period when we were seeking to raise funds and make progress. In time, Thematizer morphed into Art Meets Code: a personal blog for Yes Exactly Founder and CEO Tess Gadwa.

This is my blog. Hope you enjoy the thoughts and projects described here. Thanks again to all the wonderful people who were part of the Thematizer campaign.