Me and ChatGPT

This is not a post about the widely publicized ChatGPT hallucinations, which appear to have been a momentary glitch, easily rolled back and resolved. This is something I experienced about a week earlier. I use ChatGPT primarily to help with programming questions — particularly those that are too general or broad to be easily searched on StackOverflow and the like. But occasionally, I get bored and try things just to see what will happen…

Last week I decided to go back to an exercise I had first tried about two years earlier, with an LLM on a different service. We played an imaginary game of blackjack.

Excerpt from ChatGPT interaction


Something surprising happened. ChatGPT tried repeatedly to “take over” as dealer, rather than waiting for me to announce the cards. I don’t know whether to categorize this as a “hallucination,” or just an unexpected result in an unscripted interaction.

Link to full conversation.

I found the entire exchange fascinating and rewarding, at a deep and existential level. Next time, we’ll have to talk about Plato and the Cave.

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