Greetings everyone!

My name is Anna Nahmias and I am a student studying digital media and website development and design. I’ve always loved technology and digital media. I enjoy digital photography and have recently dived into the world of website development and design. There’s something about clicking a computer mouse or the shutter button of my camera that feels natural to me opposed to a holding a brush or a stick of charcoal. Well it’s not just anything; it’s the instantaneous results. Being able to see a mostly finished product before I’m done working on it and having the ability to change it back or continue working without a problem is huge plus for me. I’ve thrown myself over hurdles and pulled myself through the hoops of programming and it simply takes more than what I can do to merely program or develop; I crave instantaneous and visual creativity. When I first met with Yes Exactly’s CEO she mentioned “Thematizer” and honestly it sounded awesome. It was very exciting for me in that great artsy-nerdy way.

The Thematizer, art meets code, is huge for the digital industry whether you know it already or not. The current relationship between design and development, art and code, is basically having the idea or dream of making or doing something, without the ability, recourses. This lack of individualism causes the dreamer to network, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem with networking is that the dreamer has to share their vision with another person. Ideas, views, feelings, emotions, anything can be lost in translation from one to another. Everyone works on their own levels of technicality, some very precise, others broad and general. Saying, “I want a clean simple website template” brings numerous ideas to my mind, but they all look pretty different from each other. Thematizer will give the dreamer the tools to make their dream a reality, with little to no risk for misunderstandings.

There are tools out there that are like the Thematizer, so in a broad category it’s not the first of its kind.  Thematizer is put together by people who have a passion for design and or development. It is built by people who want to connect not by people who want to make a fast or big buck. There’s love, sweat, and passion in Thematizer, and that’s not something you see in not only most applications, but most things nowadays.

The Thematizer builds a bridge, a bridge connecting the creator and the constructor; the designer and the developer. Similar to how artists and architects, or engineers and technicians can be grouped together, yet they both have different purposes. Having the Thematizer around will make constructing a website much easier, simpler, and personal. Whether you’re a designer or developer this is definitely worth looking into or even getting involved with.