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Short and Sweet

I can be wrong about things. I’ve expressed these words on this blog before.

But let me say something else. I’m not always wrong. And if I make a mistake, I try to clarify or to provide further context.

One serious mistake that I made in the past was underestimating the importance of cybersecurity. Nothing is more important if you work in any part of the IT industry than being sure that your transmissions are secure. This means your codebase. It also means the presentation layer. And **everything** in between.

By the way, I define my industry quite broadly. IT encompasses not just programming but also design and creative professions including art, writing, film, and even theater. That’s all I have to say for the moment.

Now get away from your screens and enjoy this lovely Saturday in June.  : )


This Is Art

I’ve been posting a lot about code in the last few months, so here for a change is a post about the “Art” part of “Art Meets Code.” And since Pi Day is not quite over here in the Pacific Time Zone, it seems like the perfect occasion…


If you have not seen the movie “Pi,” you really should. What else can I say?

Darren Aronofsky is a genius. Pure and simple.

The Black Swan and The Whale won Oscars. But it was nominees The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream that for me will always be his most memorable works. Requiem is brilliant but so depressing I might caution you against it. It’s about drug dealers whose lives and families fall apart. The Wrestler is arguably just as tragic, but also hilarious at times. I love the scene where the protagonist briefly hooks up with this woman who owns ferrets and has a firefighter fetish!

If ferret and firefighter fetishes sound too weird to you, then you haven’t yet seen Pi.

A tale of one man’s obsession with geometry, it is almost indescribable. Just know in advance that it is not preachy pablum about “mental health” issues. Nothing even remotely similar to Silver Linings Playbook or the laughably bad Touched with Fire. The mathematician at the center of this story is never given a diagnosis. Instead, we see the world through his point of view. And thus, the movie becomes more than formulaic or tidy. It becomes art.