About the Thematizer

The Thematizer is:

A. A collaboration tool for graphic designers and web developers.

B. A template-based, visual framework enabling non-programmers to generate clean, editable CSS code.

C. A way for graphic designers to quickly and easily create original custom themes for open-source web platforms such as WordPress and Drupal.

D. All of the above.

The Thematizer is NOT:

A. The Thematizer is not a WYSIWYG. By creating a template-based environment rather than having all elements of the layout be directly editable, we are able to simplify code structure and preserve editability.

B. The Thematizer is not a standalone graphics tool.  Experience suggests that graphic designers prefer to work in the software environment of their choice, rather than learn a separate set of tools for online projects. Rather than introduce a host of redundant bells and whistles, our goal is to make the process of translating graphics into code as fluid, easy, and seamless as possible.

C. The Thematizer is not a prototyping tool. Many excellent tools exist to generate wireframes and mockups, or bring pseudocode to life. The Thematizer is not one of them. The Thematizer generates live, working, editable websites in real time.

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