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There is theory. There is practice. And then there is praxis.

When I lived in Charlotte, NC many years ago, I got my hair done at a salon called Theory. It was not cheap. The owner was a woman. She was intense, with dark hair and blue eyes. We never talked much during those long visits at the beauty salon, but I always felt like we were friends.

A few years ago, I started working on a whitepaper. Eventually I put it online, but who’s to say whether it’s in its final form or not? Although I consulted with a few people during the authorship process, including my cofounders at Yes Exactly and Zappen, the work was my own.

I have visited the San Francisco Bay area more times than I can count. It’s like a home away from home.  On one visit, some time in the last decade, I forget when — I went to a gathering for Bay Area women in tech. I didn’t keep in touch with any of them for long but at the time, these beautiful and smart women seemed like the most glamorous people I had ever seen or met.

One of them brushed her hair in the same way as Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow:

It’s not a look that I can pull off.

Red Sparrow (2018) - IMDb

Now, me saying that a woman at a technology networking event in San Francisco brushed her hair in the same way as a movie star (most famous for her role as Katniss / Mockingjay in The Hunger Gamesdoes not mean that the real life woman was a spy! Far from it. And, uh, certainly it does not cast aspersions on actor Jennifer Lawrence. She seems wholesome, hardworking, and pretty much rocks my world.

I was only at the Bay Area women’s networking event for an hour or two. It was just another business networking event. Not the best or worst that I have been to. It didn’t change my life. What I do remember is that every woman there was gorgeous. I felt completely outranked and outclassed in their company.

We ate. We drank. We joked. We talked shop.

So back to that IRL woman at that San Francisco gathering who brushed her dark hair back from one shoulder and across to the other…

I know of nothing scandalous in her past.

She just had great hair.

Want to know what I do think is scandalous?

Men who pay women to write their cryptocurrency whitepapers for them. These women are paid good money — usually over $50 an hour! But their names are never listed. It’s not enough. And by the way, this goes for ghostwriters who are male and nonbinary as well as female. Cryptocurrency founders who can’t understand their vision well enough to express it in written form are not folks that yrs truly can ever endorse, understand, or respect.

I would not go in on these ICOs. Just sayin’.

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