A Really Bad Day

Ever have a really bad day? That was Friday, March 12 for me. I still wonder whether I may have had brain damage from carbon monoxide poisoning. It has been nearly a month and I still haven’t heard anything back from official channels, so I am re-posting below.

Written Statement for Law Enforcement

March 13, 2021

Tess Gadwa
Founder and Product Architect, Lotus.fm LLC

I wish to provide a statement concerning the events that happened the first week of March 2021, while I was staying in Charlotte, NC. I do not know whether these matters fall under the jurisdiction of local law enforcement or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but none of this information is privileged. My wish is that it be shared with law enforcement prior to being shared with anyone else.

On the morning of Friday, March 5, I got into my rental car, rented from the Charlotte, NC Douglas Airport Budget Rental Car Agency, to drive from my hotel, the Airport Hampton Inn to South Park Mall. I was just a few minutes into the trip when I noticed myself getting sleepy. I had noticed this problem in the car before, but chalked it up to jet lag and stress. That morning it was much, much worse. I found myself rapidly losing consciousness. It occurred to me suddenly that this might be carbon monoxide poisoning. I looked for a spot to pull over, and found myself at the Exxon station on Clanton Road. I got out of the car and after a few minutes I was fine. I called for a tow, which eventually arrived (pictures attached). I explained to the tow truck driver how the vents pushed out only hot air, even when you turned them all the way around — and that the AC didn’t work. I showed him the vents and cautioned him not to drive the car.

Whatever the possible explanation, it is my belief that the car has a carbon monoxide leak and should be recalled from the rental agency and labeled unsafe at any speed. The attached pictures clearly identify the vehicle — a black Kia Forte, license plate Massachusetts 9EH-189.

I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, but can be reached by phone, Zoom conference, or email. I would be willing to travel to North Carolina to testify in court.

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